Letters to Satoshi Nakamoto


Letter №1

Hi, Satoshi, it’s Timer Guard Box!

Probably, you haven’t heard about TGB, but it’s irrelevant. I want to tell you about it a little.

Now, we are working on the most progressive project of all the time of existence of cryptocurrency. Speaking honestly and modestly - future will be in our hands. Because we discovered a bicycle - we found amazing features of time: time is the best lock and key, no one can rule it, no one can break or hack it. And we provide something interesting for you: do you want subsequent generation to know something about history of cryptocurrency, how was it born, who turned the game upside down in 2008? Or, maybe, after several years, several hundreds of years you want the whole world to know who are you? Just, when several generations will be changed, and cryptocurrency will be a non-disconnected part of any society, all the lies, all the myths and all the fakes about your real personality will be destroyed. Hmmm, sounds great for us.

And one thing I can’t help writing: if you put some information about yourself, when the box is ready, nobody will have access to it. You, your friends, our company, and even the most professional hackers. To preserve information about yourself in our box is more safely than to hold it somewhere else. One click - you are anonymous for years, sounds great, right?

In the following letters I will tell you more about Timer Guard Box. I will write about our successes and failures, about how it's progressing.

With best regards!


If you are interested, or, you maybe wanna give us some signal ....or message, feel free and just do it!