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Timer Guard Box is an innovative data storage platform built for the modern era. We designed it for you to backup your valuable information easily, securely and reliably. You can use it for your Private Keys, family photos, messages, documents, videos, memes, whatever is precious to you and without any limits. It is your own personal time capsule that you can put anything in. You can flexibly choose when you (and you alone) would like to access it again in the future.

Traditional backup and storage methods depend on physical or cloud storage solutions, which served their purpose well in their day, but are vulnerable to mechanical reliability, password memory skills, hacks, data breaches, and integrity of the companies that now own your data. Timer Guard Box do not store you data, nor do we have any access to it. We are a young and ambitious team who will be utilising the latest advances in TRON blockchain and P2P technology. It is our mission to empower the people of the world by giving them to tools to reclaim control of their personal data and rights to data privacy.

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White Paper

We believe that by utilising the mathematics of time we are able to provide a unique solution to ensure the security of your data. The platforms we will be developing on have never been hacked, are the most decentralised in the world, and are not controlled by any person, government or organisation.

Nobody can (or ever has) hacked time either. Our goal is to give you a platform to secure your valuable assets, currency and accounts. We know everyone wastes too much time and effort managing data, accounts and passwords. We will free you to focus on what matters most - by giving back time to you.

Please read our whitepaper to discover how we aim to protect your data, learn about our plans for Timer Guard Box, and how we will execute this though our roadmap. - White Paper.



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